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The Six Word Novel Contest
Contest Winners!
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I had a great response in my Six Word Story contest, receiving 99 entries! Some
were more like story ideas or introductions, but many were just what I was asking for.
In fact, I decided to offer prizes to the top
five entries instead of just three.

Here are the top five entries, in order:

1. Electricity's current struggle finds light resolution.  By Daniel E. Clyne
2. They died. They came back. Run!  By Jeff Savage
3. "Okay, where's the unicorns?"  Noah asked.  By Teri Anderson & Anna Maria Junus
4. Husband walks out. I let him.  By Heather Wardell
5. Invisible man seeks counseling.  Finds himself.  By Daniel E. Clyne

Each of the first top five winners will receive a "shrunken guardian stone" from the
world of Nephi Newman. (See description in left column.)

There were also some excellent honorable mentions, which I've grouped in no
particular order into "cable TV channel" categories. Here they are:

Lifetime Channel Honorable Mentions:

One affair.  One bullet.  Verdict: Vindication.  By Krisann McFarland
Boys loved me, until my pregnancy.  By Heather Wardell
Sadness abounds, love comes, happiness returns.  By Beth S. Moore
Passion. Knife. Chase. Plea. Blood. Funeral.  By Emily Huff
Empty pill bottle; cold limp hand.  By Justin M Cole
Clean house, children born, messy house.  By Christine Jensen
"John is dead!" she exclaimed, laughing.  By Meredith E. Holderbaum
Carrie killed Porlock, avenging Daniel's murder.  By Elsa Neal
Edna smiled over Floyd's stabbed body.  By Kim Justesen
Dinner for one.  Clock ticking slowly.  By Holly Horton
Baby kidnapped. Years searching. Teenager found.  By Carolyn Ann Aish
Until Saturday night, he lived alone.  By Meredith E. Holderbaum
MURDER! Grief. Revenge sought. Forgiveness. Peace.  By Carolyn Ann Aish
Winter, Snowman built. Spring, Snowman melts.  By Brieanne Gerritsen
Son departed. Experience gained. Son returned.  By Carolyn Ann Aish
Dad? Not now! Son? Not here.  By Jeff Savage
She laughed. Tears were his goodbye.  By Douglas Brown
Lost one mother. Last seen February. By Louise.

TLC Channel Honorable Mentions:

Florida alligators, purses, boots, cash, endangered.  By Mary Ann Duke
"Charlie, your leg! How?" "Bit off."  By George Trudeau
Lifelessness.  Water, molecules, lightening: miracle.  Life.  By Gene Berger
Three . . . Two . . . One . . . Ignition! Pieces . . . falling.  By Jeff Savage
The hawk sees.  The rabbit runs.  By Holly Horton
Unconquered mountain. Mentor. Learning. Struggle. Victory.  By Emily Huff
Insomniac drinks warm milk.  Good night.  By Daniel E. Clyne
Einstein's report card: Albert is lazy.  By Anna Maria Junus

Court TV Channel Honorable Mentions:

Screech. Bash. Creak. Curses! Click. BANG!  By Douglas Brown
Man.  Woman.  Betrayal.  Vengence.  Murder.  Justice.  By Gene Berger
Burglaries stopped after carnival left town.  By Justin M Cole
Found: wedding dress, Cross Bronx Expressway.  By Meredith E. Holderbaum
Trap set. Victim approaching. Villain trapped. By Carolyn Ann Aish

The Sci-Fi Channel Honorable Mentions:

Earth.  Alien visitation.  Fear.  Trust.  Revelation.  By Gene Berger
Hungry, thirsty, lumbering Dilpodocus among skyscrapers.  By Lora Reynolds
Alien Grabs Human. Human yells help!  By Andrew Cheever
Princess abducted. Prince searches universe. Reunion.  By Carolyn Ann Aish
Oops!  Mushroom cloud.  Earth no more.  By Alice Berger
It found them, although they hid.  By Meredith E. Holderbaum
Woman dreams.  Awakes.  Or does she?  By Gene Berger

CNN Honorable Mentions

Planes.  Smoke.  9/11.  She weeps.  By Krisann McFarland
Roe v. Wade, A lifetime later.  By Steven O'Dell
Twin Towers.  Three planes.  Patriotism.  Vengeance!  By Alice Berger

Disney Channel Honorable Mentions:

Students playing. Teacher comes. Students stop.  By Andrew Cheever
Teenager sleeping. Mother cooking. Teenager awakes.  By Andrew Cheever
"Sure, I can ski," I lied.  By Anna Marie Junus
"I can so fly! Watch me!"  By Anna Marie Junus

Comedy Central Honorable Mentions:

"Just one bite, Adam," Eve pleaded.  By Anna Marie Janus
Her concise writing won the contest.  By Trina Boice
What? No dinner thawed? Cold shoulder.  By Shirley Bahlmann
Old age is fine. Alternative death.  By Beth S. Moore
Used parachute for sale. Never opened.  By Carolyn Ann Aish
Barbecue stolen.  Hamburger gets grilled.  Confesses.  By Daniel E. Clyne

Those are what I considered to be the best entries. A different judge may have
different winners, but these are the ones I liked. Thanks to everybody who entered. It
was a lot of fun reading them all. If you didn't win or didn't have your entries posted,
try again next time. I'll be offering another contest soon. Check back later!

I'd also like to thank Heather Justesen, Mary Greathouse and Kaitie Parker for
helping with the judging.

Entries were judged on six words making a complete story, including having at least
one character (not necessarily human!), some sort of conflict, and hopefully some
sort of resolution. Creativeness and cleverness were also rated highly during
judging. Entries posted with permission (which was given as a requirement for
submission). Copyright retained by individual writers.

Thanks everybody for your interest! Check back soon for the next contest!
                                                                                      -- Darvell Hunt
First and Second
Prizes Pictured:

Genuine shrunken
guardian stones from the
world of
Nephi Newman!

Above bottom: First Prize
Above top: Second Prize
Below: Third Prize
What is a stellarstone?

A stellarstone is litterally
"A Rock from the Stars."

Stellarstones come in many
varieties, including a
guardian stellarstone, which
is made primarily from iron.

In Nephi Newman's world, all
stellarstones came from an
ancient, long dead planet,
and have been traveling
through space for millions
of years.

Since I've never actually
been to Crater City, being an
Outie, I cannot obtain real
stellarstones, so these prizes
are actually from a meteorite
that struck the desert of
Arizona, tens of thousands of
years ago, and created the
crator called Diablo Canyon,
as see in the movie
These are genuine
meteorite fragments!
Click HERE
to find out more about the
Diablo Canyon Meteorite!
Thanks to Heather Justesen,
Mary Greathouse, and Katie
Parker for helping with the

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Thanks for your interest!
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