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Six Word Novel Entry:
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How long does it take you to write six words? Not long? Okay then, how long would it
take you to write six words that tell a story?

Consider the following account (which reportedly is true, but I can’t verify):

One day in the 1930s at their regular round table meeting at the Algonquin Hotel
in Manhattan, Ernest Hemingway said to William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald,
Dorothy Parker and other literary notables attending: "I'll bet each of you ten
dollars that I can write a novel in only six words. Place a ten dollar bill in front of
you. I'll write the words on this paper and fold it. When you hear the words if any of
you disagree with my statement, I'll pay each of you ten dollars. If there are no
objections, I take your money." Faulkner unfolded the paper and read: "Baby
shoes for sale. Never used." Hemingway collected.

Can you tell a story in six words? If you can, you could win a prize! First place is an
official shrunken guardian stellarstone from the world of
Nephi Newman (see
pictures to left). Second prize is a smaller piece and third price is yet a smaller
piece. (By the way, in our "real world," these stones are in fact genuine iron-nickel
meteorite fragments from the meteorite that struck the desert of Arizona some
20,000 or more years ago. You may recall the crater from this meteorite from the
popular movie Starman. These prizes are actual meteorite fragments from outer
space, not fakes!) Honorable mentions may be mentioned, determined by the
quality of entries. All top three prizes guaranteed to be awarded. This contest is free
to enter and is void where taxed or otherwise prohibited.

The Contest Rules:

1. Six words and only six words are allowed. No more, no less.
2. You must have at least one main character referenced in your “story.” Topic of the
"story" is wide open, but it must not be crude, contain foul language, or be offensive
in any way.
3. There must be implied conflict and resolution. It must be a STORY. Your "story"
may be implied, like the above story about the baby shoes, but it must be there.
4. Any type of punctuation is acceptable, as long as you have only six or less of
these, too.
5. All words need not be in the dictionary, but their meaning should be apparent to
the judge (me!). Length of the words has no bearing on the contest. All hyphenated
words count as separate words (for example, “orangish-yellow dress” is three
6. Any type of writing, including poetry, is accepted, as long as it makes a story.
7. The story must be in English.
8. You must give me permission to post your entry on my web page at, although you will retain copyright. You must include your
name and valid email or I will not post your "story" and you cannot win.
9. You must submit your entry via email to or fill out the
official form on my web page at I will attempt to
reply with receipt verification emails, if I can.
10.  The deadline for entries is Wednesday, July 15 at 11:59pm pacific time. You
may enter up to 10 different stories per person. Decision of the judge (me!) is final.
There is no entry fee to enter. This is a free contest.

Please send your submission now! The deadline is July 15, so that doesn't give you
much time! Write that "short novel" and submit it today!

Here are two samples that wrote that may give you an idea of what I’m looking for:

Dinosaurs everywhere. Bright flash. No dinosaurs.
Man in garden eats apple, leaves.

Darvell Hunt
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First and Second
Prizes Pictured:

Genuine shrunken
guardian stones from the
world of
Nephi Newman!

Above bottom: First Prize
Above top: Second Prize
Below: Third Prize
What is a stellarstone?

A stellarstone is litterally
"A Rock from the Stars."

Stellarstones come in many
varieties, including a
guardian stellarstone, which
is made primarily from iron.

In Nephi Newman's world, all
stellarstones came from an
ancient, long dead planet,
and have been traveling
through space for millions
of years.

Since I've never actually
been to Crater City, being an
Outie, I cannot obtain real
stellarstones, so these prizes
are actually from a meteorite
that struck the desert of
Arizona, tens of thousands of
years ago, and created the
crator called Diablo Canyon,
as see in the movie
These are genuine
meteorite fragments!
Click HERE
to find out more about the
Diablo Canyon Meteorite!