Nephi Newman
and the
Legend of Crater City
Nephi Newman and the Legend of Crater City is the
story of a twelve-year-old boy who finds out that he is
not the person he believed he was. He has grown up in
the real world—the world most of us call home—but
he discovers that he really belongs in a different,
fantastic world, where amazing creatures roam, where
science seems more like magic, and stones from outer
space give him incredible power to do amazing tricks!
Nobody has ever been born in Crater City. That is, not until twelve years ago, when
Nephi’s parents accidentally stumble through a secret portal into a world none of them
understands. A place not on any map, but a hidden pocket of space created the instant a
massive meteorite struck the earth near Nephi, Utah, in the summer of 1884.

This space rock was no common meteorite, but rather a chunk from an inhabited ancient
world, millions of years old. The collision of worlds transforms the impact site into a
hybrid of the earth and the world from which the meteorite came.

Nephi, the only baby who has ever been born in this place and its only natural human
resident, is also a hybrid life form. And he is coming home—some say to destroy this
hidden world, some say to save it. Whatever the case, many of the residents of Crater
City fear him.

But Nephi Newman is not their only fear. All is not well in Crater City. Something is
terribly wrong. The crater is expanding, threatening to destroy the city built upon its
southern rim. The legend says that Crater City will be almost destroyed by the only child
ever to be born within the city, but in the end, that child will help save the city. Not
everyone believes in the legend, but everyone understands that their hidden world is
dying, yet nobody seems to know why.

Can Nephi find out why and help save this world? Or will he help to destroy it?

Join in the fun as Nephi meets new friends, makes a few enemies, and becomes a legend
in his own right.
Look for Nephi Newman and the Legend of Crater City, Book One
The Crater City Adventure Series, at your local book store soon.
And Watch for those falling stellarstones!
Nephi Newman
and the
Legend of
Crater City
Nephi Newman
and the
Legend of
Crater City
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