Some say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but I prefer the thousand words. But with
those thousand words, I can paint a pretty good picture, but it's not always
my picture, but the
picture the reader sees. I can write the plot and describe the world and the characters of my
story, but the reader can sometimes make a better picture in his or her mind than I can, but I
still get the credit for it! How cool is that? That's what I love about being a writer.

Some writers say that they have to write to survive. I don't. I have quit for long periods and
I'm still kicking. But I equate writing to going to church: when I do it, I feel better, I feel
happier, and I feel more content. I feel more complete as a person when I'm writing.

If I've been given any sort of gift of writing (and I've had some say that I have, go figure!), then
I'm selfish not to use it and I'll have to answer to God for burying my talent in the ground.

My name is Darvell Hunt and
I am a writer. I haven't always been a writer, but it's always
been in my blood. I discovered that I enjoyed writing when I was in the fifth grade. I had a
student teacher who suggested we all try writing a bit of poetry, which I did. I liked doing it.

At about the same time, I really started reading. Sure, I had read before, but starting in the
fourth and fifth grades, I read as much as I could, mostly young adult fiction like
The Hardy
and Nancy Drew, as well as Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators. During
recess in the sixth grade, more often than not, you would find me seated at my desk during
recess reading another
Hardy Boys mystery adventure instead of outside playing. Unless, that
is, my teacher would kick me out and make me go play, which he rarely did.

Later, even when I became
an adult--whatever that really means--I still liked reading
literature meant for kids.
Harry Potter and Lemony Snicket are some of my more recent
and we'd like to get away from it all, learn some neat new things, fantasize about being strong
and powerful and able to do almost magical things, and just, for once, forget about our trouble
and ask,
"What if...?"

Nephi Newman is no longer just a name to me. Nephi Newman is my hero. My friend. I hope
he will become like a friend to you, too. As he learns about
Crater City and about the strange
people and creatures who live there, I imagine myself being there with him. As he finds out
about rocks from outer space that have landed on earth, I imagine feeling the cold, metallic
rocks in my hand, and I feel their power. And as Nephi wields the ancient stellarstones by the
power of his own mind, I try strive to become better than the person I was before.

I hope you enjoy learning new things and I hope you enjoy my stories. Let me know if you do.

Darvell Hunt
favorites. Now my kids are reading some of the same books that
enjoyed when I was a kid. So I thought, "Hey, I can write? Why not
write a story my kids will enjoy?" Why not indeed.

So Nephi Newman was born. I have two sons who are now enjoying
reading about the fantastic adventures Nephi Newman and I have two
daughters who will no doubt enjoy reading about him when they are a
little bit older.

And I hope you--if you are a kid--or your kids--if you are not--will
enjoy reading about Nephi Newman as much as I had fun writing
about him. A little bit of Nephi lives in everybody, I think. We all feel a
little confused, a little lonely, and a little misunderstood once in awhile,
The above picture shows
a Guardian Stellarstone.
What is a stellarstone?
It litterally means:
"A Rock from the Stars."

This particular stone was
found in Arizona and was
part of the meteorite that
struck the Arizona desert
tens of thousands of years
ago and created a huge
crater than can be seen
for miles.

Iron from meteorites were
created in the cores of
stars through nuclear
fusion and eventually,
when these stars die and
explode in massive
supernovas, the matter is
blown into space. Some
of this material became
our earth. Other stellar
material continues to drift
through the universe even
to this day .
Nephi Newman
and the
Legend of
Crater City
Nephi Newman
and the
Legend of
Crater City
Look for my new novel soon:
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